Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I'm Packing to the DNC

Tomorrow morning, I'll be on a plane to Charlotte, North Carolina to cover the Democratic National Convention for BlogHer. I have many other things to do right now... but let's just call this stress blogging, okay?

I like to lay out all my clothes before I start putting anything in the suitcase. And since this is the South, and it's still nearly 90 degrees and humid outside, I'm mainly packing dresses and skirts. To make shoes and sweaters (for those air conditioned conference halls) easier to coordinate, I picked a color theme: blue, red and orange. I feel kind of weird wearing a red dress to a Democratic convention, but the color red has always made me feel happy and alive, so I'm going with it. It's an Asian thing...

These coral Dansko sandals were part of the motivation behind the color scheme. With a mile of walking between the convention center and the Time Warner arena, I need foot friendly shoes. I ordered the bronze Worishofer sandals recently, after my old black and white Worishofers literally fell apart during BlogHer '12.

Admittedly, I've been picking up a few new clothes over the past few weeks, thinking, "That would be great to wear at the convention!"

Like this fabulous turquoise Vince Camuto dress on sale for $30. But then I thought about the Trina Turk silk blouse that got damaged while carrying a heavy camera and laptop bag on my shoulder during another trip, and decided to leave it at home. It's very flattering, and I'm sure I'll find a use for it sometime...

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