Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011! Welcome to A Year (Almost) Without Shopping

For most people, New Year's means drinking champagne and making a half-hearted resolution to lose that last ten pounds. For me, it signals the end of the month-long retail bacchanal known as the holiday season. I'm not against buying gifts for the kids and family, but unfortunately for me, spending time in the shopping arena means constant temptation to buy stuff for myself. And by stuff, I mean clothes. I celebrated New Year's Eve by making one last night-before-the-diet stop at my favorite store, picking up only a navy open cardigan, on sale. This will have to last through the spring, so I'd better wisely choose something that fits well and is versatile.
I've given up shopping before, for short periods, like Lent. This time, I am attempting something I've never tried - heck I'm not even sure is possible: giving up shopping for an entire year. I recognize that for many people, this is a frivolous resolution and the choice to shop or not is made by their budgets. I have been fortunate enough to be able to recreationally pick up a new top while stopping by Target for toothpaste or to lift my mood with a new tube of lipstick. Just look in my closet.
The thing is, that high of acquiring a new thing is temporary in most cases. And my budget could be better spent in other places. Like how I complain that our family never gets to travel anywhere on a "real" vacation. Or how I wish I could afford that really good camera.
I know it's not possible for a girl like me — who's looked toward retail therapy as long as I can remember — to go completely cold turkey. There will be guidelines. And a few occasional allowed "outs", sort of methadone for the shopaholic. It's worth a try.


  1. I just came here through your OpenSalon post and I see many of the same patterns in my own life. I lost a bunch of weight last year and suddenly shopping was fun! It's way more fun to buy clothes in a 6 or 8 than it is is a 12 or 14. I was also for the first time able to buy premium denim and I indulged much the way you did - through eBay and discount sites. So now I find myself with more clothes than I could possibly wear. I made a similar resolution - I said I would buy ONLY at consignment/thrift shops this year and ONLY for things I have a specific need for (and let me tell you, it's going to have to be pretty specific for me to actually NEED something that I can't already find in my closet. I will make exceptions for underwear/bras/socks (although since I just replaced most of that last year it's unlikely that I'll even need any of those) and for running shoes which are pretty much the only shoes I actually wear out. Count me in as a regular reader.

  2. Glad you found my blog, Poppy! That's a great idea to buy only at consignment or thrift shops for things you really need. I think I may check out that route, when I go back to shopping at the end of the year.


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