Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Week Check-in - Feeling (over) Confident

High: I made it a full week (all seven days!) without buying an article of clothing for myself.

Low: There are 51 more weeks in the year.

Seriously, I felt so confident in my resolve that I ventured to The Mall. My mission was to buy some Clone Wars cupcake decorations from Williams-Sonoma, but to do that, I had to walk past windows like this:

Isn't that teal dress on the sale rack adorable?

And this:

My defense mechanism: I took my five-year old son with me. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't have gotten much shopping done, because a Kindergartener doesn't have much patience for looking at women's clothes.

For the near future, I plan to avoid malls and the shopping websites as much as possible. But eventually, there will be occasions when I legitimately need to go to stores that sell things that will tempt me. Maybe I will have to take a friend with me...


  1. I just started following this endeavor of yours. Kudos! I'm not sure I could do it. Maybe I should start with giving up shopping for Lent first. ;) As for avoiding the malls - juggling 3 kids' schedules and living a bit farther from the mall has made it naturally easier for me to avoid the malls. It's the constant barrage of email sales offers that really gets me. I did almost all of my holiday shopping this past season on-line (a first for me.) Though that did relieve much of the holiday stress, I'm finding it's even more insidious to shop on-line. Much harder to track spending and get that "high". You've inspired me to take a closer look at my emotional spending habits.

  2. Loris, giving up shopping for Lent would be a great way to test the waters. I did a few years ago, and while it was hard to not wander over to the clothing aisle of Target, I did succeed in keeping my fast.

    I agree that the online shopping is what really does me in. It's so easy and painless and you don't really keep track of what you're buying. It's always good to be emotionally aware of why you're doing things... if you ever feel like joining me, I'm here for moral support!


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