Monday, February 28, 2011

I know what I'm going to buy next

I'd love to come over and watch Friends, but I've got tickets to Pearl Jam

You'd never guess this from my performance on the slopes, but I actually lived in a ski town for  a couple years during my early twenties. But if you need want to take a trip back in time to... oh, the mid-nineties, you just need to take a look at my snowboarding get-up.

Before Super G and the entire Olympic women's snowboarding team was even born, I was an O.G.: Original Gromm-ette. I had the super baggy pants, the oversized jacket, with the waterproof butt-flap (really don't know how else to explain that awkward long part in the back).

Then along came my colicky first child. Then my second child. My snowboard and boots were sold to a friend during a garage cleaning session, but I kept the outfit. Why? They still fit, and our family often goes to Tahoe over the holidays, and I need to wear something.

In the last few years, we have been venturing on the hill again, taking our boys sledding and skiing. We spent this past weekend up to our knees in fresh powder that never turned to Sierra cement. Only, I felt like the Michelin Man, bogged down with extranneous fabric and pants that make that awful swooshing sound as I walked.

But I am proud of myself for keeping this snowboarding ensemble. The pants were purchased for around $50 at a ski store in Idaho, and the jacket was under $100 from the Columbia outlet. And I have worn them for FIFTEEN YEARS. I'd say I got my money's worth!

So, come January 1, 2012, I'm going to buy myself some new snow clothes.


  1. I hear ya - I still own (and wear) a hideous bright blue Thinsulate LL Bean parka from my East coast college days. The trouble with ski clothes is that *they never wear out* - the plastic or whatever they make them with is totally indestructible! So here I am, decades later, wearing the same hideous parka. I agree- time for an update!

  2. This hits a nerve. I grew up skiing on a weekly basis, and my current ski jacket is older than my 17-1/2 marriage. And, Grace, I bought it the year you started dating your husband. You can tell by the fact that its a that early 90s oddly dark and yet shimmery purple and pink. LOL. It was a splurge and stylish then. Really. Maybe we all need to go parka shopping with you (but somehow buying warm jackets that fit the kids when mine is perfectly functional seems to always win out darn it).

  3. wow.....15 years?? That's amazing!! yes, i think you certainly deserve a new set of non-butt flap skiing clothes after putting your current ones to use for that long!!

  4. Funny how we these things seemed perfectly stylish at the time... I'm glad I am not the only one with ski clothes older than my marriage.

    Come to think of it, I buy my kids new ski clothes every year! New Year's Day 2012, I am hitting up the sporting goods stores!

  5. And I'm coming with you!

  6. I get the feeling more than one store will be "graced" with a visit New Year's Day 2012. ;-)

  7. Judy- you are probably right. Although, I can already feel my retail impulses getting weaker as I develop habits of doing other things instead of shopping.

    By the way, that's TWO MONTHS down!

  8. I have an LL Bean parka that I bought 17 years ago when I was in NY and have worn every year except when I lived abroad. It was great in Alaska, MA, and now NY again. It was rated to -40F and is so warm. It has absolutely no style (by today's standards) but is apparently of such high quality that I've been waiting for it to rip or tear to give me an excuse to get a new one. I broke down this year and got a new parka but I'll be keeping the other one b/c it's so much warmer!


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