Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One dollar dilemma

It's been a bad week. In my last post, I explained how someone stole my iPhone. However, the shock of it didn't really sink in for a couple of days. After investigating the options for replacing the phone, I started to realize that it was a much bigger inconvenience than I first realized. This, after spending several days cancelling all my credit cards and changing passwords to my email accounts and mobile apps. By Monday, I started to feel really bummed out, depressed even, discouraged with people in general. Yet I had to go to Target — we were out of laundry detergent and tooth paste!

In I walked through those sliding glass doors, to find pink hearts and sparkly shamrocks all over the place at what my husband calls the "Dollar Trap". Immediately, I gravitated toward these pink and red heart socks, and somehow, they slipped into my shopping cart.

Okay, after my instictive grab to throw them in the basket, I realized: I'm not supposed to be buying clothes.

Give me a break! They're one dollar! Really, with the crappy week I've had, it's a miracle I'm not indulging in something far worse...

And so I debated, as I pushed the cart through the laundry and toiletry aisles. By the time I reached the check stand, I was even more irritated. The clerk in front of me was aggressively selling the man in front of me to sign up for a Target credit card. It took a really long time (especially since the man didn't seem to speak English all too well). I even had time to run back and pick up some glue sticks I forgot... and






                             the form...

You get it. By the time I found another — quicker — cashier, I simply didn't care anymore. I bought the socks.

Really? This is supposed to make me happy? They're cute and kind of fun... but did I just sell myself out — for a dollar?

At least I didn't get the shamrock ones, too.

What would you do? Should I return the socks? Or just keep them and move on?

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  1. A $1 blipisn't so bad - hopefully this will be one of the few (or the only). Have you thought of starting a piggy bank and when you do have an error in judgement, putting the same amount of the purchase (with sales tax if you have it in your state) into the bank?


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